Dokterstuin is located on the West side of the Island, called Banda Abou, where you can find the most beautiful beaches. It is only 10 minutes away to “Cas Abou”, one of the most dazzling beaches on the island. Some other very close beaches are San Juan, Santa Cruz and Lagun.  Diving on this side of the island is the best experience you can get.

Curacao’s national park, Christoffelpark, where the highest mountain of the island is located (appr. 378 m), is only 20 minutes away. While there you can also visit the museum and country house “Savonet”, well known for it’s slavery history.

The nearby town Barber has a well equipped supermarket, an ATM, a gasstation, a doctor and a small pharmacy. If you need something more specific you can always go to one of the bigger supermarkets on your way to Willemstad. They sell about everything!

Willemstad, consisting of Otrabanda and Punda, is a 25-30km drive by car and is worth a visit. It has been on the list of UNESCO since 1997 and it’s beautiful houses and colors makes you walk into history. There are many things to see and they provide some good tours, also walking-tours.